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Welcome to the Self-Hating Vegan, your source for recipes, reviews & more from in and around San Salvador, El Salvador!

A few words in way of explanation (and apology) for our name: We both share a deep-seated loathing for the trendy white, entitled, first-world, self-obsessed foodie hashtags that plague social media today; we both, however, also share a love for fresh, creative, clean and delicious food in a country where most vegan options are either all carbohydrates (you want two pan francés with that?) or all sugar (pan dulce?) or all fried (fried yucca, would you like?) or all of the above (bean empanadas?). It’s not that we don’t love all of these options, but we’re just always looking for something… more.

So, this blog is an effort to share easy, yummy, budget-friendly ways to eat well for those of us who genuinely love food, but for whatever reason sheepishly seek out the #sugarfree #lowcarb #paleo #cleaneating #raw #glutenfree #vegan hashtags on the down low.

So, thanks for baring with us…


Hilary & Nico