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Today I’m excited to share a snack recipe that I’ve recently been experimenting with: oven-roasted chickpeas (AKA garbanzo beans). These crunchy little delicacies make for a dangerously addictive snack, perfect for movies, horderves, or mindless grazing. And as always, the recipe is pretty straightforward. Depending on your preparation, the whole process takes anywhere from 1.5-3 hours. Here’s what you’ll need:



  • 1 package chickpeas (about 2 cups)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Curry powder
  • Cumin
  • Ground black pepper
  • Cayenne pepper

The first step is to prepare your chickpeas. If you’ve planned ahead, you can soak the chickpeas in water overnight, in which case boiling time can be as little as 20 minutes. Otherwise, place the chickpeas in water and boil until soft, generally about 90 minutes.


Next, strain the chickpeas and shake them dry. Pour a generous amount of olive oil, at least 4 tablespoons, over a large baking tray. Add a generous portion of salt, at least 1 tablespoon. Mix together the chickpeas, oil and salt with a spatula, then spread the chickpeas out evenly across the tray.

Set your oven on high, or about 400 degrees F (200 C), and bake until crispy. This will likely take between 30-40 minutes. Check on the chickpeas every ten minutes or so; you’ll know they’re ready when they’re nice and crunchy.


While the chickpeas are in the oven, in a small bowl you’ll mix together the seasoning: 1-2 tablespoons of curry powder, a dash of black pepper, a dash of cumin and a dash of cayenne pepper (you can adjust the ratios to your taste, of course). *A note: These roasted chickpeas make a great vehicle for any flavor, so feel free to experiment! Rosemary and lemon, chile and lime, etc…

When ready, remove the crispy chickpeas from the oven. Sprinkle the seasoning mix over the tray, and stir together with a spatula until the chickpeas are evenly coated. Spoon into a serving dish. The chickpeas are at their crunchy best when fresh out of the oven: after a few hours, they’ll get a bit more chewy–still delicious though. Enjoy!